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"The Desire to Serve, The Courage to Act, The Ability to Perform"

It has been a while since we updated our page!  Thank you to all those who purchased tickets during out annual 4th of July raffle!  Thank you to local businesses who provided us with prizes or cash for prizes!  Soon we will begin our fall routes!

We are now on Facebook!!!  More frequent updates will be posted there.  Our records of calls and hours will still be posted here, but also posted on Facebook.  Like our Facebook page for updates!!!  Click on the logo below for a direct link!

On Wednesday April 11th members had the opportunity train on extinguishing a grass fire.  Members observed grass fire behavior and practiced the correct procedures for knocking down the fire.

On Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd, 5 members of NVFC took Ice Water Rescue class at the fire station.  On Saturday they took a trip to Worth County Lake, donned their rescue suits and slipped into the water for practical exercises.  It was a great learning experience and they are now Ice Rescue Specialists along with 3 other members of NVFC.  Below are photo's of the training at the lake.

On the weekend of February 25th, 5 members participated in the 88th annual Fire School and skills weekend in Ames Iowa.  Firefighting skills, water rescue, and leadership classes were on tap.  It was a great learning experience and also gave the attendees the opportunity to interact with other departments.

Reviewing 2011, it is quite remarkable the amount of hours we dedicated to training this year!  While the bulk of our training was for EMT and Firefighter I certification we also had our regular training sessions.  All in all we had over 2537 man hours in training!!!!  1216 EMT training man hours,  840 Firefighter I training man hours and 481 scheduled departmental training man hours!!

Click on the image below to view a video of the department.

Happy New Year!  Wishing you all a happy and safe 2012!!!

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Alarms and stats can now be found on our Facebook Page!!!


2013 Alarms
Fire / Rescue 

January: 3/35
February: 4/28
March: 4/31
April: 2/31
May: 3/40 
June:  4/41
July:  2/26 
August:  3/34
September:  3/39
October:  7/37
November:  7/23
December:  3/39

2013 Year to Date  45/404
 Total Calls 449
3903 Response Man Hours
536 Training Man Hours
4439 Total Volunteer Man Hours


2012 Alarms
Fire / Rescue 

January: 2/36
February: 1/23 
March:  4/32
April: 7/29 
May:  6/25 
June:  6/36
July:  4/21 
August:  4/29 
September:  6/33
October:  5/27
November: 5/33 
December:  0/37 

2012 Year to Date  50/361
 Total Calls 411
4292.5 Response Man Hours
604 Training Man Hours
4896.5 Total Volunteer Man Hours

Copywrite 2010 Northwood Volunteer Fire Company